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LivingZone is a wonderful place to advertise your services on the internet.
  1. Service Directory - Professional Services
    Professional Services link is on every page for anyone who needs Professional Services for works around the house or smooth Real Estate transactions. The search includes Type, Name, Company, State, and County Served. This function is for paid members only.

  2. PROS Profile
    Detail information is provided with all contact information, Service Items, My Webpage link, Personal statement, Languages, Counties Served, and Description. LivingZone users can add you to their contact lists. LivingZone users can also give you ratings for references or add you to their contact list.

  3. PROS Service Items
    Define your services by categories, Items with Detail Descriptions. People get detail information of the service you provide.

  4. User Rating
    Users give you rating based on their experience with you. You have instant references for your potential customers.

  5. Checklist
    Your services require you to keep track of appointments, project scheduling, and events. Checklist will help you make sure all necessary steps are taken care of.

  6. My Contacts
    All people doing business with you are in one place.

  7. Listing Discounts
    Pay less when you list with LivingZone with active membership.

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